We make persuasive presentations that strategically communicate to your audience.

As specialists in Powerpoint, we work with you to create a visual message that tells your story clearly. We offer role-specific presentation services to meet the requirements of you and your team. Our team of experts includes talented graphic designers and writers that can create a customized deck for every occasion.

Sales and marketing

In marketing and sales, you need to create a message that resonates with your customers to help you close the deal. Our visuals and design can help you deliver a message that connects your customers to your brand. We can help you to create a presentation that stands out from the crowd and increases your chances of convincing customers to choose you over your competition.

Executive messages

When you’re the leader, you’re constantly sharing your message to others. It could be customers, employees, investors or your industry peers. It’s important for you to present a message that will persuade others and be memorable. We’ll help you create a presentation that makes you stand out from the rest.

Making data user-friendly

We can take complex data and simplify the information so that it’s visually clear so that it makes a connection with your audience. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. By implementing charts, infographics and animations in your presentation, you’ll help your viewers process the content and make it more memorable.

Powerpoint templates that fit your brand

Your brand identity is important. You’ve invested in projecting a professional image to your intended audience. Why give a presentation that doesn’t match your brand? Branding doesn’t just mean adding your company logo to the corner of each slide in your deck. We can create a presentation template that will create visual consistency so that no matter who gives a presentation within your organization, the visual message stays on brand. Our custom templates for you are easily adaptable so that you can keep your brand identity safe.

We create presentations that meet accessibility requirements

Accessible design is the right thing to do. It offers benefits for all users by creating an inclusive experience. The World Health Organization suggests that over 1 billion people in the world today experience some form of disability http://www.who.int/disabilities/world_report/2011/en/. When your organization commits to accessibility, you’ll be removing and avoiding potential barriers for users and will increase your audience reach.

Our 2 main goals:

1) to help you spend as little time as possible creating presentations
2) making sure that when you make your presentation you stand out from the crowd

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